Smart Move

Know when someone is moving with machine learning

Here’s a good idea: let your new marketing trainee scroll through house ad websites all day long to see where new people will soon live. Based on his Excel sheet you approach the new residents with targeted marketing campaigns. Oh yes, do not forget to bring your trainee a cup of coffee now and then, because every year about 1.5 million people move in the Netherlands.

This is how Smart Move works

Of course this can be done smarter and complaint with the AVG. Matrixian Group has therefore developed Smart Move: an automated process that tells you exactly who has just moved. We can also predict which addresses are most likely to be moved. For this we use machine learning, which enables us to study millions of data points weekly. Can your trainee just get his own coffee.

Every move results in new clients

Moving consumers are an interesting target group. With a new home, there is a lot to look at: from new furniture and garden plants to contracts for childcare or sports school. Matrixian Group can indicate at postal code level where many people have recently moved, or will soon move. Useful information, with which you increase the impact of both your offline and online campaigns.

Beter customer contact, lower churn rates

Insight into relocation movements ensures a better quality of your existing customer base. Correct and complete addresses ensure a better reach of your campaigns. And by promptly identifying who is going to move, you can start very targeted retention actions. In short: if you know which customers want to move, you can contact them again and keep them more easily.

The benefits at a glance 

  • Increase the conversion on your marketing campaign
  • Personalized communicaion to your target group
  • Better quality of your customer base