Surviving service for banks and insurers

Thanks to digitization, as a bank or insurer you have more contact moments with your customer. Still, situations are conceivable where you do not have your client in the picture so well. With a lonely elderly person, for example, who really does not know what a smartphone or tablet is. What if he or she dies? How do you come into contact with a possible next of kin?

This is how the Nabestaandenservice works

To be able to pay out savings or a policy, you have to know who the legal heir is. Getting this rightful person on the track can be a big puzzle. Matrixian is adept at it. Our name and address database has now saved 200 million observations in the past 25 years. This gives us a good picture of moving movements, deaths and family ties.

Based on an analysis, we give you one or more people to approach. These are names, addresses and telephone numbers. In this way we help you to comply with the duty of care and effort obligation. Of course, we are fully in line with what the AVG prescribes.

The advantages

  • Relatives quickly and clearly in the picture
  • You comply with the Financial Supervision Act (Wft)
  • Fully compliant with privacy legislation
Luke Liplijn

Luke Liplijn



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