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Our dedicated developers are continuously working on the (further) development of existing and new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which enable you to easily access our unique data. This allows you to add value to internal systems for optimizing processes or to create new functionalities on applications and platforms that are of value to your end users.  

Below you will find an overview of the wide range of APIs that can be used immediately via the Matrixian platform. If the desired application is not available our developers are ready to develop a custom solution.

An overview of our APIs

DescriptionSolution catogory
International Address Checker API2Provides you with address verification for 197 countries. By entering address data you can retrieve a list of the most suitable addresses and generate a mailability score.

Customer Intelligence  

Location Intelligence

Autocomplete International Address Checker API1Helps your customer fill in his / her address details online. After entering a few characters (eg street name), this application automatically fills in the rest. Autocomplete is available for addresses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.Customer Intelligence  
International Email Checker API1Validates email addresses worldwide. Checks whether the email address provided by the customer exists, if the spelling is correct and whether it can receive digital mail. It Also checks whether it is a business or private email address and if it has been used for fraudulent activities.Customer Intelligence  
International Phone Checker API1Checks whether your customer has provided his / her correct telephone number. After entering the telephone number, it is checked whether it has been issued, if the number of digits is correct and if the spelling is correct.Customer Intelligence  
Company API4Gives you unlimited access to our database with company data. You can retrieve company data by entering: Chamber of Commerce number, company name, address or telephone number.Customer Intelligence  
Real Estate Data API1Gives you access to our real estate data database in which we have consolidated all available information about a real estate object. Historical price data, the WOZ value, architectural details, and the energy label are included. You can retrieve real estate data by entering postal code and house number.Housing Intelligence
House Value API 1Provides you with the market value of a house, address characteristics, a list of comparable transactions and data such as the reference date and reliability score. Generate a house value report yourself by entering a few object characteristics.Housing Intelligence
Lead Tool API1Allows you to offer a free house value report to website visitors. The report consists of the market value of a house, comparable transactions and additional home features. Generate the market value of a house based on the property features.Housing Intelligence
Neighbourhood Information API1Provides you with detailed neighborhood data such as the number of households, the distribution of men and women, the average energy consumption, the distance to the nearest supermarket etc. You can retrieve neighborhood information by entering a postal code.

Housing Intelligence


Location Intelligence

Cadastral Map API
1Provides you with a cadastral map. These data are always up to date and legally valid as an appraisal appendix. The cadastral map can be retrieved by entering the postal code, house number, the file format of the map and the desired dimensions in pixels.
Housing Intelligence
1Provides you with data from the BAG after entering the postal code and house number. This concerns the number designation and matters such as the status of the property, purpose of use, surface area and year of construction.
Housing Intelligence
WOZ Value API1Provides you with all WOZ values ​​since 2015 after entering the postal code and house number.Housing Intelligence
Housing Costs API1Indicates the housing costs that apply per municipality in the Netherlands after entering the postal code and house number.Housing Intelligence
Comparable House Searcher API
1After entering a postal code and house number, you will receive a list of comparable houses, including price ranges of the indexed transaction prices.Housing Intelligence
Comparable House Transactions API1After entering a postal code and house number, you will receive the transaction prices of reference houses.Housing Intelligence
Certificate of Ownership API1After entering a postal code and house number, you receive all information from the title deed, such as the state of ownership, property data, possible usage restrictions, important notes and details of the owner as known by the Kadaster. Housing Intelligence
Vacation House Valuation API1Provides the market value of a vacation house, address details, a list of comparable transactions and market value information such as a reliability score and the reference date. Generate a holiday home value by entering object characteristicsHousing Intelligence
Comparable Transactions Of Vacation Houses API1For a vacation house, receive a list of comparable vacation houses, including the comparable transactions.Housing Intelligence
House Details API1Receive detailed property data by entering a postal code and house number. For example, the year of construction, surfaces, energy label, and number of rooms.Housing Intelligence
House Images API1Receive photos of a property by entering a postal code and house number. The photos are from open data sources, and are provided as a list of URLs.Housing Intelligence

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